In awe of the universe

I've always had insatiable curiosity. When I was a kid, I used to read encylopedias and dictionaries like novels (pre-internet, of course). My family had an Encyclopedia Britannica set, and I'd park my butt on the dusty blue carpet right in front of the bookshelf and would get sucked in, one volume at a time. The world around me was brilliant and confusing—heck, it still is—and moments of pause where I'd think about how insignificant we are in the grand scale of the universe was the quickest way to make my brain feel like it was melting. But I loved it.

One of my most prized possessions was a telescope. It wasn't a high-powered one, and it certainly wasn't an expensive one, but it didn't matter. I could see the surface of the moon, and this hazy yellowish

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Learning to say "no"

Saying "no" was always one of those things that I was taught I wasn't supposed to do, and that instead, I should agree to things, even if I didn't want to. If someone asked something of me, I should say "yes," always. Saying "no" to a friend or an acquaintance wouldn't be very nice and might hurt the person's feelings. Saying "no" to a boss would mean I could get fired. Saying "no" to a teacher or a classmate at school meant finding myself in detention. Saying "no" to a parent or another family member meant getting in deep trouble.

And so I've gone through much of my life with the understanding that if I didn't want to be seen as rude, mean or disobedient, then I should treat "no" as bad word. Afterall, doing things we don't want to

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Tantrums don't solve anything

This article made me angry, but not in the way that was probably intended.

I’m aware that most of the people likely to comment on this article (go ahead and bleat about misandry, you worms; I’ll enjoy a tasty cup of your male tears) don’t see that


If you feel that gaming is the one thing remaining to men and girls should stop spoiling it with political correctness, then please go boil your head


Developer and Publisher: express confusion and dismay at discovering a female in their midst, but can’t find their cans of mace fast enough

This is what is wrong with feminism today. Instead of focusing on empowerment and equality through peace and respect, feminism (at least online where everything is amplified ten fold) has become a march of blind, hateful drones

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